2024 Landmark Homes Construction Manager of the Year

At Landmark Homes, we love to celebrate outstanding performance with our Construction Manager of the Year award. This coveted accolade goes to a manager who shows excellent communication, strong leadership, and commitment to excellence in the construction industry. This year, we're thrilled to announce that Scott Kearns is the 2024 award winner!

Building success despite the downturn

Scott Kearns joined Landmark Homes Taranaki in 2021, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a passion for construction. Right from the start, Scott's dedication to excellence made him a standout member of the Landmark team.

Despite the economic downturn that has affected many in the construction industry, Scott and the Taranaki team have had another busy year, delivering some fantastic builds with plenty more in the pipeline including their new Showhome. Scott's ability to juggle multiple projects came to the fore when he took on an increased workload after a colleague left. His proactive approach and innovative solutions not only helped the Taranaki franchise navigate tough times but also set it up for future growth.

Open and honest communication

One of the keys to Scott's success is his emphasis on transparency and honesty in communication. His approach with clients, subcontractors, and team members is all about being open and straightforward. 

“Every Friday I do a client update. I send out an email to every client with an update on what's happened on their job and the possible plan for the week after. I find that very successful.” 

This routine not only keeps clients in the loop but also reduces unnecessary mid-week queries, allowing Scott to focus on getting the job done.

Scott takes the same approach with his subcontractors. He understands the importance of clear and respectful communication to keep projects running smoothly. 

"The key is finding that balance of communication with the subbies. If you're always on them, it gets a bit draining. It’s about managing each sub-trade to make sure that everyone's happy and working in a good environment.” 

By maintaining this balanced approach, he knows that his subcontractors stay motivated and are willing to go the extra mile when needed.

From left to right: Scott Kearns (Taranaki's award winning Construction Manager), Nikki Jones (Taranaki New Home Consultant), Steve Whitaker (Taranaki Construction Manager)
Taranaki's award certificates featured in their new Showhome

Working together for excellence

At Landmark Homes, we believe in the power of teamwork and the support it provides. Scott and the Taranaki team’s success is a shining example of that collaborative spirit. 

“Landmark Homes is all about teamwork, from our New Home Consultant and in-house designers to the franchise owner and builders, the whole team works together toward the same goal,” says Scott. “If any key design or structure changes are needed, it’s just a quick phone call to get it sorted, not a lengthy back-and-forth with an external architect or other outside contractors.”

This smooth dynamic not only makes Scott's job easier but also keeps the project running efficiently. It's this kind of teamwork that allows Landmark Homes to consistently deliver outstanding results.

The future looks bright

Scott's enthusiasm for the future is infectious. He takes great pride in being part of the Landmark Homes team and is eager to continue delivering outstanding results. "It's been a great year, and I'm excited about what's ahead," he shares. 

Visit their showhome

Ready to build your own Landmark?

Put your build in trusted hands that understand the importance of communication, teamwork, and commitment to excellence. Visit the team at their brand new Showhome at 7 Papawhero Drive, Bell Block, New Plymouth. Or contact your local Landmark Homes team today and let’s get started. 

New Showhome

We have also been working on our new Showhome, based on the Lakeside House plan. It's a beautiful house. I recently took a few people through it and the feedback has universally been, “Wow, it's absolutely amazing.” So it's all positive so far, which is nice to hear.

With leaders like Scott Kearns at the helm, the future looks bright for Landmark Homes.

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