5 benefits of a House & Land package

Dreaming of building your own home but feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of the process? Landmark Homes House and Land packages offer a streamlined, stress-free solution that simplifies your journey to owning a dream home.

These packages combine the perfect plot of land with a customisable home design that fits hand-in-glove with the unique characteristics of the site. Add to that, a pre-costed budget, assurance of quality, and proven plans, and it’s easy to see why Landmark’s House and Land packages are so popular with Kiwis looking to build their own homes.

Whether you're a first-time home builder or looking to create your forever home, discover how Landmark Homes can make your dream a reality with less hassle and more certainty.

1. Simplifying the home-building process

Building a home is an exciting process, but there’s no denying it often comes with a set of challenges that can feel daunting.

The traditional path to building a home typically begins with the complex task of finding suitable land.

Once the land is secured, the next challenge is designing a home. This phase often requires a delicate balance between the homeowner's vision and the practical realities of construction, budget, and land constraints.

Landmark Homes addresses these challenges head-on. Our House and Land packages eliminate the initial hurdle of finding suitable land. But then we take it a step further by ensuring the design of the home is not only beautiful (as all Landmark Homes are!) but also practical and suited to the specific contours and orientation of the land.

2. Transparency and clarity in costs

One of the most daunting aspects of building a new home is managing budget and navigating the murky waters of construction costs.

Landmark Homes takes this worry out of the equation with upfront pricing that provides homeowners with much-needed peace of mind, allowing them to plan their finances without the fear of escalating costs.

New homeowner, Mohammed Afroz, who recently built in Waiuku with Landmark Homes Auckland South & Franklin, says having upfront costings made arranging lending a whole lot easier.

"Landmark Homes was able to give us a fixed lump sum price for our build. This clarity helped us arrange our finances confidently before we even started," he says.

Michael and Colleen Walters, franchise owners of Landmark Homes Auckland South & Franklin, emphasise the importance of this transparency. "We include an all-up build price in our House and Land packages. This means we cover everything, from septic tanks and stormwater in rural properties to other hidden costs that often get overlooked," says Michael.

The clarity of costs extends beyond the build price. Landmark's House and Land packages also include professional interior design and architectural services, adding value without the additional consultancy fees. This all-inclusive approach simplifies the financial aspect of building a home, allowing homeowners to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of the process.

3. Customisation and personalisation

The journey of building a home is deeply personal, and Landmark Homes recognises this by offering customisation and personalisation options in our House and Land packages. This flexibility means each home plan can reflect your unique tastes and lifestyle.

"Our plan collection offers Ready to Build design, providing the quickest route to your new home,” says Michael. “But they're also adaptable. Whether you want to add a bedroom, expand the garage, or enlarge the living room, we can make it happen.”

The ability to personalise extends beyond structural changes. Interior design choices, finishes, and fixtures all play a crucial role in making a house feel like a home. Landmark Homes’ professional guidance in these areas means each aspect of the home's interior resonates with the homeowner's aesthetic and functional preferences.

4. Suitability and reliability of house plans

When you choose a Landmark Homes House and Land package, you’ve got the assurance that the home design perfectly matches the site's orientation, views, and any unique restrictions. And that means no unexpected delays, costs, or changes to the plans.

"Each of our plans has been designed with Landmark’s history of construction knowledge and design excellence,” says Landmark Homes Finance Manager, Shelley Begg.

“That means these plans are tried and true, which is why they can be pre-costed – because we have already put all of that construction and build design knowledge into the process.”

This approach means the plans are not only practical but also adaptable to meet the diverse needs of clients.

5. Local knowledge

The success of a House and Land package isn't just about the home's design; it's equally about understanding the land it sits on. Each Landmark Homes team across New Zealand brings deep local knowledge to the table. They thoroughly assess each site's unique features, from the lay of the land to its soil conditions and how it interacts with natural elements. This insight allows them to anticipate any challenges and make the most of the land's unique qualities, ensuring the home not only looks great in its setting but also maximises its potential.

These local teams have a keen understanding of the nuances across different regions, from landscape features to the local climate. This expertise is crucial in choosing sites that are not just visually appealing but also practical for building. It's about creating homes that blend seamlessly with their environment, enhancing both the property and the community.

A vital part of this site evaluation is Geotech testing. It's like doing a thorough background check on the land to avoid any unexpected issues that could throw a wrench in your building plans and budget. It's an essential step to ensure the project's feasibility and to plan any necessary adjustments in design or construction.

With the local expertise of each Landmark Homes franchise, this thorough approach to site evaluation means you're less likely to face unwelcome surprises as your dream home takes shape.

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