Alfresco building tips to embrace the outdoors

Nothing could be better than the freedom and sanctuary provided by a beautiful alfresco living area that offers seamless indoor/outdoor flow, perfect for year-round relaxing and entertaining. If you are looking to embrace the great outdoors when designing and building your dream Landmark home, there are a few building considerations to reflect on before you begin.
We spoke to Landmark homes Central West franchise owner Warwick Aldridge about his tips for planning and building your very own alfresco area.

Maximise your potential

If you are looking to Design and Build your very own alfresco living area with Landmark Homes, it helps to envisage your outdoor space and consider how you want it to be utilised during the design process to truly maximise its potential.

“Your alfresco area has to be done right from the outset as part of the design of the home,” Warwick says. “An alfresco area is not the same as building a room or extension of the house, so it is important to be thoughtful about the design and build of the space.”

Roofing matters

With alfresco living spaces typically classified as outdoor covered areas, it also helps to consider what roofing design will provide a sense of cohesion with your home’s look.

“If you want to build a two-storied house, you can utilise the design of the upstairs part of the home to create a roof. Another option is to use a Lourve system roof, as was showcased in the now closed Waitemata Showhome, which offers protection from the elements and adds to the seamlessness of the indoor/outdoor flow.” Warwick adds.

All-weather sanctuary

For many people, their alfresco living area is a place of sanctuary and privacy is important. The location of your home and where your alfresco space will be situated is an essential factor to consider during the design process.

“If you are in a built-up area and want privacy in your alfresco area, you can screen it off,” Warwick says. “Or, if you are on a property exposed to the wind, rain and sun, it helps to design the area with shelter in mind. Some of our Landmark home designs include three-sided outdoor spaces that offer protection from the elements, perfect for all-weather usage.”

Seamless flow

A seamlessly integrated indoor/outdoor flow is one of the most important things to consider when building your alfresco area. While you may be limited to what building products you can use on the exterior, there are lots of fantastic options to choose from to create a perfect sense of harmony.

“One of the best ways to create seamless cohesion between your indoor/outdoor space is by using the same or similar products in both areas,” Warwick says. “If you use timber flooring inside, timber decking outside can help give your alfresco area an interconnected feel.”

Keeping cosy

I would always recommend putting some form of heating in your alfresco area,” Warwick says.

Although we are blessed with settled weather for the majority of the year in New Zealand, to get the most out of your alfresco living area, it helps to think about keeping warm when the weather turns cold. Infrared outdoor heaters or statement fireplaces that double as a BBQ, perfect for cozy evenings spent in front of the fire or cooking during the summer months, are also great options to consider during the design and build stage.

Landmark Homes showcased this striking look to perfection with a locally crafted Flare Outdoor Fireplace in their new Taupō Showhome.

Consider your options

As mentioned having heating in your alfresco area is a must, but there are also a few other items that can create a luxurious alfresco living space.

“You need to consider when you will use your outdoor living space the most and what you intend to use it for,” Warwick says.

Outside kitchens perfect for alfresco cooking are popular, while some opt for a relaxing spa or swimming pool, although, as with all of these elements, placement must be considered during the design stage to create a seamless indoor/outdoor flow.

Are you ready to embrace the great outdoors with your own Landmark Homes alfresco living space? Contact your local Landmark Homes team today and turn your dream home into reality!

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