Awards and Accolades: Four Years of Landmark Homes Auckland - South & Franklin

As Landmark Homes Auckland - South & Franklin franchise approaches its fourth anniversary, it's clear the business is going from strength to strength.

Auckland - South & Franklin

Despite the unprecedented challenges the construction industry has faced over recent years, Michael and Colleen Walters and their team have been kept busy with numerous new builds. They’ve also clinched several prestigious awards, including two golds and a silver at this year’s Registered Master Builder House of the Year awards.

Michael shares some of the highlights and updates for the franchise from the past year.


For the Landmark Homes Auckland - South & Franklin team, the House of the Year awards are more than just a competition – they're a reflection of the team’s dedication to excellence.

The awards don’t end there …

The franchise’s achievements were not limited to external recognitions, however, with a haul of Landmark Homes National awards that showcase the holistic approach and dedication of the wider team.

Craig Flanagan took this year’s Landmark Homes Construction Manager of the Year award. “It’s a well-deserved recognition of Craig’s dedication, expertise, and the quality he ensures in every build,” says Michael.

Another acknowledgement is the Construction Finance Management award, for the second year running. This recognition is not merely about numbers but highlights the franchise’s commitment to ensuring every build stays on budget, striking a balance between quality and financial efficiency.

Completing 2023’s recognitions, the franchise also took the award for Excellence in Sales Management and runner-up for Excellence in Client Satisfaction. “While we’ve been busy building a lot of homes and winning awards, we've also got happy clients as well,” says Michael. “And that’s the most important aspect for us.”

Award winning Rangitoto Ready to Build design
Award winning Rangitoto Ready to Build design

Standout Showhomes

Auckland - South & Franklin’s Clevedon Showhome, which opened in early 2022, has been receiving plenty of attention from those looking to buy in this up-and-coming area. "Clevedon is fast emerging as a haven for many Aucklanders,” says Michael. From the franchise’s first year in business, when their Paerata Rise Showhome won gold, their homes have repeatedly stood out. And this year has been no exception with their three entries clinching two Golds one Silver, a Regional Category Winner and Top 100 award!

The Registered Master Builders House of the Year is the building industry’s most prestigious competition. And the criteria for winning are stringent, examining everything from design orientation and sustainability to workmanship and smart technologies. The awards are independently judged and audited by a panel from the Registered Master Builders Association. As a result, the public is given valuable insight into the industry-recognised standards of Design and Build excellence they can expect from various builders.

“It’s all very well to say that you build quality homes, but bringing in an independent, recognised judging panel to look at what you do and how you do it really does reflect on how well you are actually doing as a team,” says Michael.

“It’s a blend of rural charm and accessibility to urban conveniences that makes it a hotspot for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.”

As a testament to the popularity of the area, the franchise has plans underway for another Showhome in Clevedon. In the meantime, they’re also about to unveil a second Display Home in Paerata Rise.

The home was a ‘sister’ to the franchise’s award-winning previous Showhome within the same development, however, it features some impressive upgrades. “Not only does it have a suite of smart technology, but also had some nice differences in the design and finishings,” says Michael. “We did extremely well within the House of the Year Awards with the first Showhome, but this one is a step above.”

A team approach

As Michael explains, central to the success of Landmark Homes Auckland - South & Franklin is the dedication and high standards of their experienced team. “The awards and success we’ve enjoyed over the years reflect a team effort,” he says.

“The team are really important to Colleen and I, every member brings something unique to the table and together they’re very focused on delivering exceptional results during what has been a challenging time.”

Thinking about building in Auckland’s stunning South or East Auckland? Contact the team at Landmark Homes Auckland Beachlands to Clevedon | Auckland - South & Franklin or visit their Showhome and Display Home.

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