Celebrating Excellence

We are proud to announce Kristy Portas as our 2024 New Home Consultant of the Year. This award celebrates Kristy's exceptional service and dedication to her clients. We caught up with Kristy to find out more about what drives her success.

A focus on quality

Kristy joined the Landmark Homes Taupō team in 2019 with a solid background in real estate and a genuine love of helping people achieve their dream homes. “It’s incredibly rewarding being part of that journey – of helping people create a home they love,” she says.

Working alongside her husband, Landmark Homes Taupō Construction Manager Tony Lafferty, Kristy says the Taupō team is all about delivering top-notch quality in both terms of workmanship and service. The franchise’s past Ngā Roto Showhome is a prime example, taking the gold medal in the recent Master Builders House of the Year awards. 

“We’re very proud of each Showhome which is often where I’ll meet new clients who are thinking about building with Landmark,” says Kristy.

The community connection

Kristy lives in Taupō and says she and her family love being part of the community. “It’s a beautiful destination and a great place to bring up children.” 

With a strong focus on local marketing, the Taupō team has built a solid presence in the region. “We’re pretty well known around here, and it’s important to me that we give our locals, and anyone new to the area, the best possible service,” says Kristy. 

“We make sure people see us and know we’re here to help them build their dream homes. Whether it's through our Showhome, our newspaper ads, or our social media presence, we’re always engaging with the community and staying connected.”

Expertise and honesty

Ask any of Kristy’s clients about her top qualities and they’ll share that her honesty, integrity, and genuine desire to help really shine through. 

“It’s never about pitching a service, it’s about listening, communicating, and working together. It’s those things that make you memorable and help you stand out in people’s minds as someone who cares. And that’s really important to me.”

Kristy says that while she strives to be an expert in what she does, she also believes it’s important to recognise what she doesn’t know. “If someone asks me a technical question that I’m not sure about, I’m upfront about it. But when I do know, I provide as much detail as possible to help them understand their choices and make sure they’ve got all the info they need to make the best decisions for them," she explains. 

A solid support system

Every successful consultant has a strong support system behind them, and Kristy is no exception. She appreciates the invaluable support from her franchise leaders, Steven Painter and Gerry Schumacher, as well as the Franchise Support Office.  

She also gives a big shoutout to her husband, Tony, for always having her back, especially during busy times. "We’re a team, and he’s always fully behind me – whether it’s work or getting involved in stuff outside of work, I couldn’t do it without him!”

Build your dream home with Kristy

Kristy's expertise, her dedication to her clients, and the support of her team make her a fantastic choice for anyone looking to build in the Taupō region. 


If you’re thinking about how to bring your dream home to life in this stunning part of New Zealand, you’ll be in great hands with Kristy and the Landmark Homes Taupō team. Take the first step and contact Kristy Portas today. 

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