Our people – National Support Office

When Paul and Debbie Clarke started Landmark Homes 45 years ago, their ethos was simple. They wanted to establish a company that built beautiful houses of such superior quality that people were proud to call them home.

With CEO Gary Woodhouse at the helm, Landmark’s National office based in Tauranga is continuing to expand on the successful strategy of customer-centric service that Landmark Homes is renowned for while maintaining their exceptionally high standards for quality building and seamless operation systems.

We spoke with Gary about the value the National office brings to the Landmark franchises and their clients and why it was important for them to play their part in a wonderful initiative to give back to their community.

Support network

One of the crucial roles of the National office is to be a support network for our hard-working Landmark franchisees across the country. This includes accessing and understanding what their plans are and what they want to achieve. Everyone can attest that things have changed significantly in the last 12 months and ensuring good business health has been top of mind for all of us at the National office.

Providing consistent, customer-focused service is also vital for the Landmark experience. We want to ensure that every client receives the same exceptionally high standard of care and attention. Whether you are designing or building a home in Christchurch, Tauranga, Auckland or anywhere else in New Zealand, we want all our regional franchises to offer the same exceptional and consistent service.

Strong relationships

Although Landmark Homes founders Paul and Debbie Clarke are recently retired, their ideas and expertise are invaluable to Landmarks continuing success. Paul and I discuss ideas around the business regarding how we can grow the company and implement new technologies to streamline processes and operations.

Debbie is incredibly knowledgeable and helps in the consultation and feedback phase of our house planning and design projects. Their passion for construction and innovation is essential in continuing to provide our Landmark customers with exceptional and dependable services.

Health and Safety

One other aspect of the Landmark Homes business we are working hard on at the moment is health and safety in the workplace. We all know how important it is to have safe and healthy workplaces, especially for the building and construction industry.

Our focus at the moment is looking at how we implement and manage stringent health and safety measures with each of our franchises and within the business.

Do Good Initiative

When we reached Landmark Homes 45th anniversary, we brainstormed how we wanted to celebrate this incredible business achievement.

The beaches and coastlines are important to Landmark and the Tauranga region, so the team in the National office chose to work with Coast Care, which focuses on restoring local coastal areas.

Our focus at the moment is looking at how we implement and manage stringent health and safety measures with each of our franchises and within the business.

Looking to the future

Although building and energy prices have increased, this may be a perfect time for clients who have underutilised land that they are ready to develop. At Landmark, we have Design & Build packages to suit a variety of sections, or if you are considering subdividing, our Land & House packages are an ideal option.

The Landmark promise

Despite the unknown challenges in the industry that may lie ahead, Landmark Homes are as committed as always to being proactive in our systems and processes to ensure our customers receive the trustworthy and reliable Landmark Homes value and service they expect and deserve.

If you’d like to find out more about building your new Landmark Home, contact your local experienced Landmark team today.

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