Retirement Paradise Made Easy With A House and Land Package

With their well-earned retirement on the horizon, Auckland-based Sherri and her husband were looking for a House and Land package to build their new home in the stunning Kinloch area of Taupō.
Thankfully, with the help of Landmark Homes expert team, the couple were able to easily achieve their dream of building a modern, low-maintenance home to suit their own unique needs.

We spoke to Sherri about how a touch of synchronicity, coupled with the help of the knowledgeable Landmark Homes Taupō team, helped the couple achieve their perfect retirement paradise.

Lifelong Dream

With retirement looming and an inherited home that needed a lot of work, Sherri and her husband took the time to consider what they truly wanted during their exciting new phase of life.

After realising the inherited home would require a lot of time and effort to make it their own, the couple, who had plans to fulfil a lifelong dream of living in Taupō's spectacular Kinloch region, reached out to Landmark Homes.

"We'd always said that if we ever wanted to build a new home, we would look at building a Landmark because we loved their homes and felt like Landmark fitted with our lifestyle," Sherri says.

Perfect Fit

At first, the couple were looking for a House and Land package where they would build their own home, but as fate would have it, the Landmark Homes Taupō team already had the perfect fit!

"We've been holidaying in Kinloch for decades and knew we wanted to live in that area, so we approached the Landmark Homes Taupō franchise," Sherri says.

"Before visiting the Landmark Showhome, nothing had caught our eye, but when we talked with Kristy Portas, the local New Home Consultant, she had a House and Land package that a previous client had already designed ready to go.”

Match Made In Heaven

Although some clients might have been wary of purchasing a House and Land package that had been pre-designed by someone else, for Sherri and her husband, it made perfect sense.

"When Kristy explained the situation and showed us the pictures and plans, we just looked at each other and realised that this home was exactly what we would have wanted if we were designing and building ourselves.

Seamless Cohesion

The modern three-bedroom, low-maintenance home was designed to fit seamlessly on the coveted flat section while maximising the use of the available land.

The spacious kitchen, dining and family area provides an uninterrupted cohesive flow, opening onto a covered patio and beautifully manicured lawn, while a separate living space complete with a stunning Linear 1000 gas fireplace provides cosy and contemporary comfort. 

Beauty In Spades

Retiring in an area that offers a luxury golfing experience and one of the most beautiful and bountiful trout fishing lakes in the country, the large garage is perfect for keeping all the adventure equipment anyone could need, while the spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms are excellent for housing family and friends visiting to relax or explore the best that Taupō has to offer. 

Eye-Catching Details

Although many design elements had already been finalised, Sherri and her husband had the opportunity to infuse their own distinctive touch into their Landmark home. They opted for striking Hard As Rocks Eldorado Stone cladding for the exterior entranceway and patio pillars, imbuing the house with a blend of rustic charm and enduring elegance."

They also worked closely with Landmark's interior design expert to pick out their ideal fittings and finishings to create the perfect cooking sanctuary and scullery.

"The interior designer we had was amazing with helping pick out the wall colours, carpet, laminate, and everything like that," Sherri says. "Whatever the interior designer suggested is exactly what we both liked. It really was an incredible experience."

Exceeding All Expectations

When purchasing a House and Land package from Landmark, customers know exactly what they will be spending, with the team working hard to ensure that everything comes in on target. With the exception of some luxury additions in the form of appliances and the Hard As Rocks cladding, the home came right in on budget, making the process a high point for Sherri.

Sherri expressed, "The process was so stress-free because we didn't have to worry about re-designing anything. It was all taken care of for us."

So, would Sherri advise others looking for a House and Land package to work with Landmark Homes? The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, Sherri is one of Landmark Homes biggest fans!

“Right from day one, we couldn't fault Landmark Homes and their tradespeople," Sherri says.

"Everybody that walks into our home says, 'Oh, my goodness, you're so lucky to be living in a beautiful house like this'. The experience and the workmanship was just amazing."

Looking to make your Landmark Home dreams a reality? Contact the Landmark Homes Taupō team today!

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