Taking pride in the job

Introducing Tony Lafferty – Landmark Homes NZ Construction Manager of the Year!

Landmark Homes Taupō, Rotorua Construction Manager Tony Lafferty has built his career from the ground up – in more ways than one. Tony picked up his first hammer and nails at the age of 17 as a school leaver and has been in the building industry ever since.


2016 Tony traded the toolbelt for a laptop and has been using his valuable building experience to help others achieve their new-home dreams in Taupo.

“Having been a builder for a good number of years, I was looking for a good way to achieve more and better myself within the industry,” he says. “Landmark Homes has values and a philosophy that align with mine, so joining the team as Construction Manager, felt like a natural progression in my career.”

And it’s something he’s been very successful at too. In 2021, Tony was awarded Construction Manager of the Year, as well as the award for Project Management Excellence.

“Awards give you something to strive for, and it’s fantastic to get the recognition from your peers, but it’s not what you do the job for. The big drive for me is the client interaction. It’s the best feeling when your client has a huge smile on their face, and they’re rapt with the job you’ve done for them.”

Since joining Landmark Homes in 2016, Tony has seen the in-house construction team grow from a team of one (him!), to where it is today with 15 staff and growing. “It’s great to be part of a thriving team that is evolving and growing to what I would consider is a fantastic business and something to be proud of.”

Good rapport is the foundation of a good home

As construction manager, Tony starts working with clients from the early stages of planning their build.

“Although construction doesn’t start until all the planning is done – which can take around six months – we’re quite proactive at establishing a relationship with clients early. That way when it comes time to be handed over to the construction team there’s already that strong rapport.’’

“It goes without saying that Landmark’s clients are the most important part of our business – without them we wouldn’t have a business, so we put them above anything else. They’re more than just a number on a page. We like to get to know them and work hard to deliver the best result for each and every client.”


“Building a home is a big investment – both financially and emotionally,” says Tony. “It’s a big part of your life and we want to make sure our clients look back at that time and feel really positive about it.

“That starts by making sure they’re kept well-informed right from the very beginning and that communication continues through the ups and downs, that’s really important to me.”

“We recently completed a lovely home on the lakefront in Wharewaka for our clients who lived in Auckland, which meant lots of communication and them putting a lot of trust in me. We worked very collaboratively on their ideas and the plan evolved over time between them and us.’’

“I really enjoy that process of bouncing ideas off each other and coming up with ideas that delivers on the client’s vision.’’

“We got to the end of the build and the clients told us how happy they were that we really ‘got them’ and understood exactly where they were coming from. I personally loved the house as well, but more than that was the satisfaction of watching the evolution of the build go from what started out as an ordinary home to something with a real ‘wow’ factor.”

Problem solving

Tony says that the amount of work and planning that goes into building a home often takes people by surprise.

“From coordinating the sub-contractors and organising materials, to mitigating supply issues and just the day-to-day running of a job site, there’s a fair bit more to it than most people imagine.

“A lot of problem solving that needs to be done along the way. That’s where the Landmark Homes Taupo and Rotorua team really shines. Managing those issues efficiently and communicating every step of the way with our clients is vital, and we don’t compromise on that.”

Tony’s advice if you’re thinking of building

“Definitely come and have a chat to us. We can talk your ideas through and answer any questions you may have. Whatever stage you’re at, we’re here to help.”

“We understand that the idea of building can seem like a very big step, and it is, but that’s where an experienced team like Landmark Homes makes all the difference. We manage the challenges that might seem overwhelming and provide you with a clear pathway that ultimately leads directly to your new front door.”

Thinking about building in Taupō or Rotorua? Contact the Landmark Homes Taupō, Rotorua team today!

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