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Introducing Kristy Portas – Landmark Homes NZ New Home Consultant of the Year!

When you strike up a conversation with Kristy Portas, it quickly becomes clear why she has achieved so many outstanding successes as Landmark Homes Taupō, Rotorua New Home Consultant.

“It’s such a privilege to be involved in creating a home that clients absolutely love. It’s a rewarding process and one that I genuinely enjoy,” says Kristy. And when you love what you do, success soon follows.

Kristy joined the Landmark Homes Taupō and Rotorua team in 2019 and has fast become one of the company’s top performers, hitting impressive sales milestones and achieving the title of Landmark Homes New Home Consultant of 2021.

Smoothing the path

Kristy helps clients through the initial planning and design stages of their new build – from answering those very first questions about whether a new build is the right option, through to lodging paperwork with the council.

“Once someone is ready to get started, there’s lots to do and lots of decisions to make,” she says.

That’s where Kristy’s calm, confident nature and her wealth of new build experience makes all the difference to her clients. “Without the right guidance, that process can be overwhelming and quite stressful. It’s very gratifying to be able to minimise that for our clients – we do the hard work for them and to do it in a way that gives them the best result possible.”

Trusted expertise

Kristy’s very first build was one of Landmark’s biggest and provided her with plenty of challenges to cut her teeth on. “I learned a lot, very quickly!” she says.

Since that first build, Kristy’s vast knowledge of new builds has compounded exponentially. Her clients can trust she’ll expertly guide them through each process of the design and planning stages and will have the answers to any questions they may have along the way.

“I do like a challenge, and I like to be constantly learning. And each new build offers something unique or challenging to learn from that can then benefit another client’s build.”


“What I love most about my role is building those client relationships. We spent lots of time together and I really value that. At the end of the build, I feel very much as though we have built a friendship.

“One of my favourite moments in the build process, is when we hand over the keys to their completed house. That’s the point when the client shows me through their home – it’s always such a positive, rewarding experience and I look forward to it every time.’’

A recent client handover was particularly rewarding. “We were walking through the home and my client mentioned that she’d just realised that all the little things – like the bathroom mirrors and toilet roll holders – had all been sorted without her having to think about it, and that everything chosen was high quality and complemented the rest of the house perfectly.

“That just demonstrates how much there is to think about – but also that clients can trust that nothing will be forgotten or overlooked because we have everything covered.”

Adapting to challenges

During the 2020 lockdown, the Landmark Homes Taupō and Rotorua team adapted quickly to minimise disruption to clients.

For Kristy, that meant lots of time on the phone, following up client enquiries and managing processes remotely. And for her clients, that made a world of difference.

“I had a couple sign up for a new build just before we went into lockdown. By the time we were back in Level 1, we had worked through all the design and planning details and were ready to lodge with the council. It was a massive undertaking, but it showed what was possible by adapting to a challenge and finding new ways of doing things – and that’s what Landmark Homes is all about.”

Kristy’s top picks for future building trends

What can we expect to see more of in new builds over the coming year, and what might be on the way out?

“Sustainability, environmental harmony, and future-proofing are all top-of-mind for most new builds we are seeing right now. Expect to see natural materials such as sustainable timber flooring and wool carpets. Clients are also mindful of energy use with EV chargers now a common request, along with solar panels and thermally efficient glazing.”

And what can we expect to see less of? “Black tapware is becoming less popular. Instead, more homeowners are opting for alternatives such as brushed stainless steel, brass, chrome, and textured tapware which all reflect a movement toward a more unique, personalised look.”

Why build in Taupō or Rotorua?

“Why not?” says Kristy. “Taupō and Rotorua are beautiful destinations and have something for everyone, regardless of age or stage – from Taupō’s beautiful lake and mountains to Rotorua’s thermal wonders.”

Kristy lives in Taupō with her partner Tony [who happens to be Landmark Taupō’s Construction Manager] and their two boys. “It’s a lovely place to bring up children – there’s lots for them to do and it feels safe.”

And there are increasing numbers of Kiwis who agree. The region is attracting people who want to build from all over New Zealand – from retirees ready for their forever home, to young couples wanting a holiday bach or Airbnb investment.

Are you interested in building in Taupō or Rotorua? Contact Kristy Portas today.

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