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A Stylish Bach on a Strict Budget

Landmark Homes can tackle any project with gusto and creativity – as evidenced by the Anderson’s bespoke bach build in Taupō.

Auckland-dwellers Victoria and Ryan Anderson had both grown up in the South Island and wanted to build a Taupō bach they could travel to each weekend with their young daughters and replicate the carefree countryside lifestyle they enjoyed as kids.

But in the absence of an overflowing bucket of cash to dip into for their Design and Build project, the remit was to stick to a strict budget – without compromising on style.

A challenging prospect, perhaps, but from the very first meeting with the Landmark Homes Taupō team, Victoria was wowed by their ability to be innovative and bring fresh ideas to the table – ideas that kept style at the forefront, while substituting materials and design elements to find clever ways to save on costs.

“They were the only builders I interviewed who could do that,” she explains. “I loved that Landmark didn’t just do what they’d always done, or they didn’t keep showing me previous builds. Instead, they thought how they could do things differently this time or find design solutions that could work for us.”

Saving and spending strategically

Since the budget was so strict, Victoria, Ryan and the Landmark team costed out the entire build upfront, right down to every bathroom fixture and fitting – meaning there weren’t any provisional costs, other than earthworks, when it came time to build onsite.

“The design process was a real team effort,” smiles Victoria. “Our New Home Consultant Kristy Portas and I would spend a lot of time bouncing ideas off each other. It was fun, creative and collaborative.”

One thing she loved throughout the process was how Landmark was able to keep her grounded in reality. “I kept going away with the fairies and trying to do things we couldn’t afford. The team kept me grounded and provided me with the tools I needed to create my vision.”

Kristy agreed. “Victoria was so great to work with, because she was willing to make some sacrifices to get the end result that she wanted: a stylish house, in her budget. If you’re working to a strict budget, and not willing to compromise (by removing a butler’s pantry, for example) it just doesn’t work!”

So how did they create a stylish look on such a strict budget?

Ultimately, it came down to research and compromise. “We tried to find a balance between products we could cut back on and still do a trendy version, like the black tapware in our bathrooms, and other places that I wanted to up-spec and make the house look more ‘luxe’,” explains Victoria.

For example, the kitchen is higher-end, with its soft-touch black acrylic kitchen cupboards and stone benchtop – while the bathrooms are more cost-effective, featuring acrylic showers rather than tiles.

Victoria adds, “I’m also a firm believer that just because something is inexpensive, doesn’t mean it has to look cheap.” That’s another reason she loved Landmark Homes, right from the beginning. Because “even their lowest-cost fittings are still good quality.”

It wasn’t just on the interior design that money was saved, either. Costs were kept low by using board and batten exterior, while keeping the floorplan clean and simple.

The living room is designed as a basic box, with bedrooms and bathrooms on either side. And rather than spending on a raking ceiling, trusses were used for a similar effect, so the couple could get the high ceilings and airy vibe they craved, at a far lower cost.

What does the Anderson’s finished bach look like?

This contemporary four bedroom home features a Kwila deck with glass balustrades, perfect for sitting out with a glass of wine and soaking up the scenery.

That deck leads into an open-plan living area and kitchen, complete with wood fire. Then Victoria and Ryan’s master bedroom and ensuite is located on one side of the house, with the kids’/guest bedrooms and bathroom on the other side for added privacy.

The property is designed for entertaining and sleeping large numbers of people, with the garage being another innovative design element. Built larger than normal to house the family’s boat, it’s designed to also act as a rumpus room and extra kids’ bedroom – complete with bunkbeds, mounted TV, and table tennis table!

“Landmark Homes was able to come up with a design that was even better than I could have imagined! I’m constantly caught out by feelings of how much I love it.”

So, would they recommend Landmark?

“100%. I found the whole build really fun and exciting. It was like being on a 6-month high! I was so sad when it was finished,” she laughs.

“I’ve had the complete opposite experience with another build we did at our Auckland home. It was stressful. It was unorganised. You’re fighting with your husband about everything. That experience was the complete opposite with how it was working with Landmark. The team made it great. They took control of all the hard things – and enabled us to do all the fun things!”

If you’re interested in building your dream home in Taupō, contact the Landmark Homes Taupō team today.

The team who made this dream come true

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