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If you’ve ever thought about relocating to Christchurch – or building your dream home here – now’s the time to do it. 

The Garden City is one of New Zealand’s most fascinating and dynamic places to live. With its rich blend of olde world English charm and a fresh, local outlook, Christchurch is as bright and cheerful as it ever was.

And as if that weren’t enough, this will certainly convince you.

Landmark Homes Canterbury franchisee Coralie Pollard says although their team is known for building traditional-style homes in Canterbury, they decided to make it a bit of “something old, something new”.

“We wanted to build something really contemporary, but still incorporate the high-end fittings and fixtures that Landmark is known for,” she says.

This charming three-bedroom home is certainly that. With its black steel and cedar framework and impressive monopitch roof, it stands out against every other home in the subdivision row. It’s a design that’s distinctively Landmark Homes, and yet still unique.

Building came with some challenges, as any build does. And, being the last site in the row, this one had a few more than usual. 

To make matters even more interesting, the site was also on a corner. This posed some major restrictions for Council requirements regarding bulk and location.

It was, as Coralie described it, “the worst section in the best street.”

“We were up for the challenge!” she laughs.

Fortunately, this is just the type of challenge that the Landmark Homes team love. A few tweaks to the design and they had a home that fits perfectly.

“We wanted a design that afforded the resident with fantastic northern outdoor living, whilst maintaining the service areas on the south-facing street frontage,” Coralie says. “We made it work by creating split angles on the roofline and entry links.”

The property bears all the hallmarks of a fantastic family home. At a compact 200.3m², it’s easy to maintain and there’s a lovely reserve just over the road. Located in a large urban subdivision.

The design is one of Landmark’s newest plans, the Otakaro. Otakaro is the Māori name for the Avon, Christchurch’s central river. And it’s everything you’d expect a Landmark Home to be.

From a 2.7m height to 3.5m in the lounge, the huge raking ceiling will take your breath away. It adds an incredible sense of space and airiness to the living space.

Overheight doors enhance the roomy feel of the home, while architraves and skirtings add a touch of grandeur. The internal fireplace is also rather magnificent. Featuring Celcrete Levigato concrete finish plaster with cedar inlays, it promises cosy winter evenings in style.

The home’s interior is cool and effortlessly chic. “Kiwiana” was chosen for the colour scheme, and it’s just right for this modern abode. The earthy greens, blues and greys are soothing to the eye and make for easy living. Natural timbers add to the ‘homegrown’ look.

The 1200 x 600 mm grey speckle wall tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are a throwback to the famous terrazzo panels made in New Zealand many years ago. Smart and easy to clean, they’re a great example of timeless beauty and durability.

Outside, the gardens are a busy homeowner’s dream. Landscaping has been kept to a minimum to reflect the uncomplicated style of the home, and maintenance will be a breeze. A juxtaposition of low plants and high planters add interest without adding to the workload. Corten steel planter boxes have been used to enhance the front entry path, leading you to the front door.

The team who made this dream come true
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