Under The Mountain With A Style Of Their Own

This fantastic Landmark homes testimonial from Matakana will inspire you to begin designing your own Landmark home!

Scott Johnson and Reg Wright’s Design and Build project started as a dream for a home that was completely particular to their “needs, wants, and desires”. That’s exactly what they built – a stunning, one-of-a-kind home that blends mid-century Danish design with an American barn-house style, with show-stopping views under Mount Tamahunga.

Scott and Reg had long harboured a dream of building their own home. They knew exactly what they wanted and had a very particular aesthetic in mind

“We searched for the perfect location around Matakana north of Auckland for about a year before finding our property,” says Scott. “It’s a really beautiful spot, nestled under Mount Tamahunga. Everywhere you look you’ve got a view of either mountains, ranges, or bush. Of course, we wanted a house that would maximise those views. We bought the site within 24 hours of first seeing it!”

An emphasis on aesthetics and individuality

Scott and Reg sought to create a contemporary home where they would feel surrounded by nature. “We wanted something quite ‘joyful’ in terms of a built environment,” says Scott, “and we wanted to ensure the house sat harmoniously in its rural surroundings.

The house has a long rectangular footprint, a steeply pitched roof, and no eaves, creating a modern barn style. “It’s quite a bold house!” says Scott. “With clean lines, high ceilings, symmetrical design, and a lot of glass, it does make a statement!”

Scott and Reg wanted a two-bedroom home with lots of space for entertaining.

At one end of house is a big master suite, with a walk-in wardrobe and large en suite bathroom with minimal vanities. There’s also a cosy TV snug room to keep the television out of the more entertaining-focused main area.

The other end of the home is the open-plan living area, with high, cathedral-like ceilings and massive bi-fold doors on both sides to give a voluminous barn-like feel to the space. Spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows further open up the space and create the sense of a home that invites the outdoors in.

This area includes an industrial-style stainless-steel kitchen, a secret scullery, and an adjacent dining area.

The flooring is laminate, chosen because it is highly practical for coming and going off the land. The furniture and lighting are of Danish mid-century design and are on full display in the minimalist interior.

The exterior of the house is finished in a modern black and cedar.

To make their colour decisions inside and out, Scott made good use of Landmark’s colour consultant.

“It’s easy to run into trouble when it comes to colour, so the consultant was very helpful,” he says. “Also and my partner is colour blind, so it was all up to me! The colour consultant had very good advice and gave great suggestions, right down to the tiles and flooring.”

Outside, the home has had extensive landscaping – 90% of the 4500 plants are native, with an emphasis on low plants so as not to block the exquisite 360° views. A concrete driveway was also added to connect the rural setting to the outside world.

Making a statement With clean lines, high ceilings, symmetrical design, and a lot of glass, it does make a statement!

Whatever the weather, it works

With that much glass, you might be wondering whether the house is chilly in winter. “We didn’t really consider that practical element when thinking of the aesthetic we wanted,” Scott admits. But thanks to the use of double-glazing and high-range insulation, as suggested by the team at Landmark during the build process, the house doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort. “It’s the warmest house in the world!” Scott laughs.

Due to the carefully thought-out design, the only heating in the entire home is a low-emissions Danish Bionic Fire. This doesn’t just work brilliantly but looks stunning too, taking centre stage in the central living space. “If it does get colder, we throw that on, and the whole house gets cosy in 15 minutes,” says Scott.

It’s not just in winter that the house excels. In summertime it’s cool and comfortable, too. Designer Wendy King says: “With so much glass it was really important to get plenty of cross ventilation. In summer we made sure they can open up the home in all directions (north and south) to get amazing cooling.”

The house is perfect for a country where there are notoriously four seasons in one day … and ideal for a retirement property, because the lack of air conditioning and heating costs is designed to keep bills low.

This is a one-of-a-kind home and a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true.

This home was built by Landmark Homes North Shore Franchise, if you’re based in Auckland and want to build on the Shore or in the Rodney district, don’t hesitate to contact the team to see how they can build your new home.

“Whatever the weather, it works. This house was designed to be cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.”

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