Like a work of art

This fantastic Landmark Homes testimonial from Matamata will inspire you to begin your journey to your own Landmark home!

With its Cathedral ceilings, white-on-white interior and park-like surroundings, this is one home that looks like it came straight from the pages of a book. And it did: the Landmark Book!

Joe Campus and Jo May love coming home to their stunning new abode in Matamata.

Formerly from Auckland, the couple spent several weeks researching different building companies for their first build. After visiting a Landmark Homes showhome in Auckland, and studying the Landmark Book they fell in love with the distinctive style and quality.

They originally chose the ‘Richmond’ plan, but developers’ covenants on their site meant there was a limited space to actually build on. They also required a specific area for driveways and orientation. By working with the developers and the Landmark team, they settled on the Otaki design and everything worked out perfectly.

“We’ve always like Landmark Homes for their design – that’s what makes them stand out amongst all the others,” Jo says. “We looked at lots of other building companies and for the same money you’d get a fairly basic home whereas with Landmark you got something beautiful. There’s so much attention to detail.”

The sub-division’s specific design regulations meant they had to build in a contemporary English traditional style – which was exactly what they wanted.

“We love the traditional look of weatherboard; it’s the kind of style that is going to stand the test of time. We’ll be able to look at it years from now and it’ll still be trend,” Jo says.

Inside, the living area is particularly stunning. The sloping ceilings create an incredible feeling of expansive space and light, and the open-plan design opens straight out to a huge portico accentuated with a pergola on each side.

Choosing the right company

Right from the first meeting with Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty in Tauranga, Joe and Jo knew they’d chosen the right company.

“We felt very welcomed. We talked about what we wanted to do, and it just went from there,” Joe says. After the plans were drawn up, there were given a ‘fairly strong indication’ of what the total building cost would be. Every week during construction, they received a detailed report of what was going to happen the following week.

“It was amazing. If they said they were going to do something, they did it,” says Jo. “They knew we had a budget and we were able to tweak things all the time to make sure we didn’t go over. They made suggestions to help us keep costs in line.”

Landmark also helped them through a few unexpected challenges, including the installation of a water tank and some extra engineering to beef up the steelwork for the portico.

Jo says the design team were also invaluable when it came to fine-tuning the more practical aspects of their home.

“They pointed out things we hadn’t thought of ourselves, like that we didn’t have enough storage space. They gave us suggestions for what we could do, which of course helped make it even better.

The freedom to source their own products was also a huge bonus. Joe says they were able to save a substantial amount by sourcing their bathroomware – shower, toilet, tapware – from a contact in the industry.

“He was always able to come and chat, and he was very aware of what was happening on the site. They all took the time and effort to complete each part of the build to a high standard,” says Joe. “It was all so structured and organised. They not only finished ahead of time, but the finish itself was exquisite – like a work of art”, he says. “All the builders and contractors on site obviously had a very high expectation of quality for their own work.”

With so many good things to say about Landmark Homes, they find it hard to believe that anyone would build with any other company.

“We’ve talked to people who have built their own homes and they always say how they’ve gone over budget – but ours came in very close to the figure Landmark gave us,” says Jo. “We just didn’t have any of the hassle that most people seem to have with other building companies, because Landmark were so organised.

Working in a hair salon, Jo say she often hears her client’ ‘horror stories’ of building projects gone wrong. ”I almost have to hold back because I have such a good story!” she laughs.

This home was built by Landmark Homes Bay of Plenty Franchise, if you’re based in Tauranga or the Western Bay of Plenty and want to build between Waihi Beach and Te Puke, don’t hesitate to contact the team to see how they can build your new home.

Logan from Landmark says “we are thrilled with the outcome of Jo and Joe's building journey - it was like a work of art!”

“It was amazing. If they said they were going to do something, they did it. They knew we had a budget and we were able to tweak things all the time to make sure we didn't go over. They made suggestions to help us keep costs in line.”

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